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What should I do if AVG Antivirus stopped working?

There are most of the cases when AVG antivirus tops working on the device and hence your device goes under danger. In such a case, there is only a way left in front of you and that is to fix it immediately. AVG antivirus has the capability to protect your device against advanced threats, viruses, and malware. This security software has excellent security tools that work excellently and efficiently.
If you aren’t able to use AVG on your device then, this is the time to follow a few steps to fix this error and enjoy a secure device by keeping all personal and private data safely in the device.
Check for third-party security software
This is the very first and foremost reason when AVG Antivirus stopped working on your device. There might be a possibility that there are two different antivirus software programs installed on the device and hence you are facing this issue. Having two security programs in one device can cause conflict on your PC and leave you unprotected. If you have AVG antivirus installed, remove the conflicting program. Meanwhile, you will need to uninstall both of the security software programs using the uninstaller or removal tool. Because there might be some of the traces left behind after un-installation and that creates issues in the future so, the removal tool works here by removing even a single trace of the particular antivirus program.
Removal of Conflicting Programs
Apart from antivirus security software programs, there are some other programs that might create conflict with AVG by preventing it from working properly. You will need to check the official website of AVG Antivirus and install all available updates of AVG antivirus. If you find a program on your PC that is preventing AVG from working properly then, it is advisable to remove the program by using the uninstaller.
Install Virus Definitions Update
Security threats are changing and evolving constantly. AVG actually launches virus definition and program updates constantly which are designed to detect advanced threats. If AVG isn’t working properly on your PC then, you will need to make sure that you have the latest program updates and virus definitions installed on your PC. Apart from this, AVG might have an issue while removing particular malware and viruses which it finds while virus scanning. If AVG finds any virus on your PC which cannot be removed by it then, download a particular virus removal tool and run it.
Use Safe Mode
If your PC is infected with malware, virus, or spyware then, this is the reason why AVG isn’t working. In such a case, you will need to restart your PC and boot it into safe mode just by swiping in from the top-right corner of the screen. Here, you have to click on Settings and then, choose “PC Settings”.
  • Click on Restart Now that appears under the Advanced Startup option
  • Now, click on “Troubleshoot” appears in the “Choose an Option” screen
  • Click on “Startup Settings” and then, click on “Restart”
  • When it restarts then, choose “Safe Mode” from the list of the startup options
  • When Windows is loaded successfully, start AVG and choose the Virus scan preferences
  • Click on “Start Scan” and conduct a virus scan of your device
When AVG found any infection on your PC then, it will send it to the Virus Vault for deletion or quarantine. When the scan is complete then, restart your PC and boot into Windows normally. After that, launch AVG and ensure that it is working properly.
In case of any issue, while using the AVG virus scanner, it is recommended to get in touch with the technical experts for instant assistance. Call on AVG Customer Care Number UK and you will be assisted by a well-experienced technician who has knowledge of all updated issues or other instant information about AVG hence, he/she will help you out.
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